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Grand Parkray Hangzhou, 杭州蕭山区市心北路に位置し、地下鉄駅に隣接し、上海杭州甬道、杭金衢高速道路とわずかに近いところにあります。西湖風景区、湘湖風景区から車で半時間ぐらいかかります。
ホテルはG 20杭州サミットのためにホテルを指定して、17カ国からのメディアを接待しました。ホテルは2018年にG 20杭州サミットの指定空気浄化製品を正式に導入し、室内の空気浄化を日常のクリーンプロセスに組み入れて、ホテルの内部の空気の清新を保障するために、まるで森林酸素に来たかのように、純粋な空気を感じて、自由呼吸の中でリラックスの心を楽しむことができます。
  • Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airportからホテルまでの距離はどのくらいですか?

    Grand Parkray Hangzhou 空港へ15.9km。

  • Grand Parkray Hangzhouに空港シャトルバスのサービスはありますか?


  • Grand Parkray Hangzhouのチェックイン時間とチェックアウト時間はいつですか?

    チェックイン時間:14:00以降, チェックアウト時間:12:00前です。

  • Grand Parkray Hangzhouにプールとフィットネスはありますか?


  • Grand Parkray Hangzhou の敷地内にレストランはありますか?


  • Grand Parkray HangzhouにはブロードバンドまたはWifiがありますか?


  • Grand Parkray Hangzhouは前払いを受け入れますか?


  • Grand Parkray Hangzhouはレジットカードでの決済を受け付けています?


  • Grand Parkray Hangzhou朝食はいくらですか?

    朝食 CNY147/人。

  • Grand Parkray Hangzhouの宿泊料金はいくらですか?


クチコミ 詳細
  • duanjiafang
    The hotel has a high cost performance and satisfactory overall performance. The service of the hotel is also very good. If you come to Xiaoshan next time, you will still check in. Thank you for the efficiency of the front desk. It's really high!
  • e02453187
    Very good environment, very good cost performance
  • cari_peng88
    The hotel is good, the security parking is professional, the reception is friendly!
  • gogocn
    The environment was ok, everything else was average
  • a1002022488
    Convenient, right next to the subway station, meeting the 5-star requirements
  • fenger50
  • candylgtang
    The environment was good, the hotel staff provided friendly service
  • fenglwsw
    Very good! Clean! Good service attitude! All five!
  • liai0405
  • Jeanne1999
  • newlife
    The hotel is cost-effective, the bed is comfortable, and all kinds of supplies are relatively new. Breakfast is full. The temperature of children's swimming pool is appropriate. I still want to live.
  • emiln
    In Xiaoshan. Five star hotel. It's about 40 minutes' drive from downtown. It is suitable for private cars from other places to visit and live in Hangzhou. It's OK on the whole, but it's a little far away. A family vacation, from the riverside walk, you can. Less traffic
  • Ansen0
    The environment is very good. The best hotel nearby has very comfortable beds and quilts!
  • lilu2010
  • fanming79
    The hotel has good environment, complete facilities, warm service and rich breakfast, which is worth recommending.
  • eaglebear
    The room is large, reasonably designed and comfortable to live in
  • E00037042
    It's nice to have a small living room. The room is very big and the bathtub is very comfortable. It's a good choice to bring children to live in
  • cicilu1012
    The environment is very good, comfortable and clean
  • acosta0616
    The front desk quickly checked in and checked out. The managers met during the period were very polite, especially at the front desk of the swimming pool. Xiaoshan people are great. Great love. The package is really excellent. Soft drinks, children's bath suits, clean facilities and equipment, like the taste of the hotel. We'll order it next time in Hangzhou
  • superstar734
    I heard that the service was very good. We left a message in advance to decorate the room. Opening the door was really beautiful. There was also a baby washing bag. The staff also gave me a small birthday cake. The child didn't want to go after two days, so he was very happy in the room every day.
  • facingjoy626
    Very recommended Hotel, a good place for parents and children
  • Wong Ka Kui beyond
  • elyna2012
  • ader8029
    The second time I stayed, the service attitude was very good, the Chinese restaurant was also very good, and the breakfast was average.
  • fang3158
    It's a good hotel with good environment and good food
    The environment and cost performance are particularly good
  • dumpling
    As always good, hardware and services are not sold, is the ideal residence to Hangzhou.
  • sandy_22
    Grand Park Ray is a 5 Star Hotel, very comfortable and a great place to stay in. The only hitch during my stay was that they let out their only Italian Restaurant for a Private Party with out informing the Guests and it became really inconvenient as I had invited a Guest for Dinner and when we went up to the 37th Floor Restaurant we were informed that they have let out the entire place for a private party and we could not have dinner there which was a bummer at the last minute. We prevailed on the Lobby Manager and he did arrange for the Italian Food to be served in their Chinese Restaurant but I really dont think that the Managements decision to let out their Italian Restaurant to a Private Party was a good idea!! I have never seen this happen at other 5 star hotels in the World.
  • cindytaotao
    The most satisfactory hotel for this trip is very close to Hangzhou paradise, and self driving will not be affected by restricted travel. It is recommended
  • BT tea
    My daughter likes it very much. Go on
  • ling098
    The service is five-star, there are too many factories around, and the hotel's own environment is still quite good!
  • rabbit0001
    The room was wonderful. I also upgraded the superior room for free. The bacon for breakfast in the hotel was really not delicious
  • wtp19680227
    The decoration of the hotel is very grand. It's just that the parking is inconvenient and messy. The service is average and not enthusiastic enough. Jin Junmei, who went to the top floor for tea, is very sour
  • liudongsun
    Good, good
  • CX050
    The new hotel has a large room with living room and unique design! Best hotel Xiaoshan
  • doyle32
    The hotel environment is very good
  • janicexiong
    The room is big and the facilities are very new. There are cakes for the baby's birthday, balloons and dolls. The child is very happy.
  • dragon5678
    There's nothing beautiful about the surrounding environment. The hotel is great. Very tall. The buffet is also good. The price is high. But it's worth it! Recommend it to you. Many people check in
  • nicebee999
    It's very clean and the service is good. The service in the Chinese restaurant is very good. It's not expensive to order in the Chinese restaurant. It's a large quantity! Generally, one hot dish per person is enough.
  • liugullit
    Hangzhou is a good five star hotel with good environment and transportation.
  • iamjing
    high-end and classy
  • Bryan1901
    The service in the hotel was very good. The waiters were very kind and polite. The front desk staff have a good attitude, check-in is fast and breakfast is OK. It's a perfect experience, and I'll check in next time.
  • allenwxcn
    The hotel is very tall. I feel different when I come in, especially the little beauty Chen Rui at the front desk. The service is very good, the smile is sweet, and she patiently helps me introduce the breakfast and free products of the hotel. I feel very kind. The room has been upgraded for free. I don't have to say that the room is hygienic, and the facilities and equipment are also very high-end. I will choose this hotel for business trips in the future, Hope to see Chen Rui again?
  • AlvinAu
    The temperature of the room is too high for the thermostat to control. The service staff didn't know what was going on. Everything else is OK.
  • ggg1517
    Great, great
  • miracleday
    Comfortable and tidy, very good! There are not many catering options
  • breadmao
    The overall rooms of the five-star hotel to take the baby on vacation have good characteristics. Although there are some unpleasant things in the evening, the hotel manager has solved them well. I hope to go to the bar for the second time and add Chinese snacks and characteristics to the breakfast
  • daydayup
  • lemon929
    After reading a lot of comments, I chose this one. When booking, the business said there were children's amusement facilities, but they didn't find them. The hotel is very biased. There are no shops nearby. The surface of the room is clean, but there is dust in the counters and drawers. The basic service attitude was very good, but the buffet service on the second floor was too poor. It took 15 minutes to collect the table. I don't know whether it was intentional or intentional. I haven't seen whether to collect one after another. The 5th floor had two meals in the evening, and the service was OK. A floor tile in the swimming pool is broken. If you go into the water from the fourth chair on the right, it is easy to break your feet. Fortunately, a kind-hearted person told me. The swimming changing room is very good. It's considerate to put freshener in the drawer. The hotel is very attentive. There are small surprises every night. The service is pretty good. But there are no cotton swabs in the room and swimming. I hope it can be improved. Overall, the hotel is good.
  • cindywang613
    Good, good
  • lala2
    Very good. The hotel is a little far away from the scenic spot. Other facilities are pretty good
  • andy66891441
    The breakfast dining area is relatively large. You can enjoy the swimming pool on the 5th floor. The room feels great!
  • e00079883
  • eiurpdjf
    not bad
  • e00111314
    Not bad. Good service attitude, nice room, I like it.
  • AMan_ye
    The environment is very good. I've lived here many times. I choose here every time
  • lb1314
    I seldom write comments. The hotel has to say that the service attitude from the front desk office to the aunts who disturb the room is super good. The room is very big and beautiful, with bay windows, perfect facilities and easy to use. I also gave the baby a washing bag. The first day the crib was gone, and the next day the baby was very excited. Besides, the swimming pool is also great. I need to wear a swimming cap. There are also many kinds of breakfast buffet It's worth it! I'll stay here next time! Thank you for your good service!
  • bao123
    Good location, good environment. Good facilities!
  • e02260211
    The place where I live is surprisingly good, very big, very luxurious, the room is also comfortable, very satisfied, and I will stay in Radisson in the future. It's great.
  • jun986
    Good hotel