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China Hotel Industry Green Development Forum held in Guangzhou

Date: 2023-06-28

With the awakening of health awareness, the demand for healthy air among residents is gradually increasing. Projected into the hotel culture and tourism industry, consumers have stricter requirements for various indicators such as hygiene, disinfection, and services in the hotel industry. How to promote green development and healthy upgrading of the hotel industry has become an urgent problem to be solved.

In order to explore the prospects and challenges of green development and health upgrading in the hotel industry, as well as strengthen communication and cooperation between industries, under the joint guidance of the China Association for the Promotion of Industrial Development and the China Hotel Association, the China Hotel Industry (Greater Bay Area) Green Development Forum was held in Guangzhou, organized by Kangboshi Health Technology Group and the China Hotel Association Oxygen Bar Hotel Committee Working Group. This forum aims to gather industry elites and jointly explore how to use technology and green development concepts to achieve the healthy upgrading and sustainable development of the hotel industry.

At this forum, Boss Kang released the "Oxygen Bar Hotel Alliance Strategy", which attracted attention from both inside and outside the industry. Under the premise of not changing the original room structure of the hotel, the oxygen bar hotel solution under Boss Kang helps the hotel upgrade ordinary rooms to "oxygen bar rooms" with forest like air quality, and upgrade the Suboptimal health environment in the rooms to a health preserving environment.

How can oxygen bar hotels improve their indoor air environment? Firstly, increasing indoor negative oxygen ions through technological means such as particle size anion generation technology. According to relevant regulations of the World Health Organization, the standard concentration of negative oxygen ions in fresh air should reach 1000-1500 per cubic centimeter, and below 600 per cubic centimeter is detrimental to human health. Secondly, pure physical disinfection and sterilization was carried out with deep ultraviolet UVC second level disinfection and sterilization technology, and the rate of killing bacteria and viruses was up to 99.96%. At the same time, in order to avoid cross infection of the air, the oxygen bar hotel has set up specialized purification devices at the central air conditioning vents of the guest rooms, effectively filtering out harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses in the air, providing guests with a safe and healthy living environment.

It is understood that the "Management and Evaluation Standards for Oxygen Bar Hotels" drafted by Boss Kang has been approved by the state and officially released on the "Enterprise Standard Information Public Service Platform" on September 20, 2022. At the same time, as of now, there have been over a thousand four and five-star hotels signed with Kangboshu Oxygen Bar Hotel, and more than ten thousand oxygen bar rooms have been upgraded and renovated.

Zhang He, President of Kangboshi Health Technology Group and President of Kangboshi · Oxygen Bar Hotel, stated in an interview that the layout of the oxygen bar hotel project is based on two considerations. On the one hand, it is to respond to the "Healthy China 2030" development outline and promote the hotel+big health business development model. On the other hand, starting from consumers, meeting the needs of business travelers to improve the indoor air quality of hotels.

The establishment of the Oxygen Bar Hotel Alliance is to select high-end quality and service hotels from the nationwide cooperative oxygen bar hotels, creating a big health platform that integrates "food, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping, and entertainment", providing entrepreneurs with healthier, more convenient, and more efficient daily and business travel services. At the same time, through the Oxygen Bar Hotel Alliance, it accurately attracts high-end hotels and assists in the transformation and development of the hotel culture and tourism industry.

Zhang He announced at the meeting the selection criteria for the first batch of franchisees in the Oxygen Bar Hotel Alliance: requiring the provincial capital